R e d S q u a r e S t u d i o

THE ART OF LIVING - does such a thing exist in the crowded, noisy jangle of the city? Or in the country, where once-lush farm acreage is pierced with cookie-cutter housing developments? Red Square Studio provides design solutions for home and business which incorporate the serenity of traditional style into a twenty-first century world thirsty for warmth and elegance. We accomplish this by fusing the best of the past and the technology of the future. We do not consider just one way of doing or seeing things, for making the familiar come alive in a modern context entails the unlocking of the mind and eye.
At Red Square the aim is to try all possible ways of using things, doing things, creating new combinations and dynamic tensions, so that conventional rooms take on new uses for work and play and old possessions come alive with a new role in life.
A room without a touch of red is like a woman without lipstick -Diana Vreeland